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Is it safe to clean my heavy equipment diesel engine air filter?

Is it safe to clean my heavy equipment diesel engine air filter?

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One of the most frequently asked questions is whether it really is safe to clean a heavy equipment diesel engine air filter and reuse it rather than always have it changed?

Our answer won’t surprise you – yes, it is safe to clean air filters. However, it takes the right kind of cleaning equipment, knowledge of how to use that equipment correctly and the ability to tell when it is time to clean the filter and when it may be OK to leave it alone until the next inspection or maintenance tuneup.

In this blog post, we will go over some of the characteristics that make Filter Blaster a superior product when it comes to cleaning air filters in heavy equipment and machinery and go into detail on how best to go about it.

The manufacturer told me it’s not safe to clean an air filter

We’re here to tell you the naysayers are wrong.

Many manufacturers and mechanics warn against cleaning the air filter in your heavy equipment diesel engine. They warn that improper cleaning can lead to damage, which in turn can lead to poor filter performance and decrease engine performance.

This is all true. Improper cleaning can lead to detrimental damage. However, these manufacturers and mechanics are assuming you are using the wrong tools to clean the air filter. With the right product, such as Filter Blaster, you can easily clean the air filters in your equipment and machinery without worrying about causing damage.

The benefits of cleaning air filters

In fact, there are many reasons why you should clean air filters when they get dirty rather than opt to have them changed.

First and foremost is the reason that cleaning a filter saves you money. It not only saves the money that a new filter would cost, but a clean air filter also saves on fuel costs.

A cleaned air filter will also reduce the stress placed on your engine, increasing engine performance and efficiency. In the long run, having a clean air filter increases the life of the engine.

You will also find less maintenance needs to be done on the engine if the air filter is kept clean, another cost savings that will help your bottom line.

Cleaning air filters comes down to precision and handling

Cleaning an air filter can be a safe process that does not result in damage. But in order to ensure that you do not damage the filter, you need to be precise and careful when handling any sort of cleaning product near a filter.

This is because filters can easily be damaged if they are bumped into by the product being used to clean. A filter that is damaged will immediately perform at a lower level – if it even performs at all.

However, if you have the right type of product, then you won’t have to worry as much about causing damage to the filter. As a matter of fact, maintaining the filter’s integrity was top of mind when we designed the Filter Blaster.

The Filter Blaster is safe for air filters

There are many differences between Filter Blaster and competitors. Those differences make our product safer to use.

For example, when most people warn against cleaning an air filter, they are assuming that 125 to 150 psi is being used to do the cleaning. This can tear the filter element and allow dirt into the engine and turbocharger.

But not with our products. They use only 100 psi and even seal the filter element, ensuring a safe cleaning every time.

What makes Filter Blaster better and safer than other air filter cleaning products?

You are probably wondering what exactly makes Filter Blaster the best choice when it comes to trying to clean heavy equipment air filters. Much of our product’s differences when compared to competitors are also features that make it safer to clean filters.

Well, let’s compare our product to the competition. There are five factors that separate our product from the competition that make it safer and more efficient for cleaning air filters:

This is what makes Filter Blaster the best option on the market:

  1. The Filter Blaster is designed to regulate low pressure, which ensures you won’t damage the filter while cleaning. Other options out there do not do this, allowing air at high pressures to blow on the filter, which could cause damage.
  2. With our directional air jackets, the air is directed toward dirt – inside the filter. This creates a clean filter from top to bottom. Too many other competitors’ products use the air flow only to create a spinning motion that actually does the cleaning. This is how damage occurs. It’s also a very inefficient way to clean an air filter.
  3. Our product comes with a tall lid that includes edges. This makes sure that the Air Filter Blaster sits centered on all filters between 3.5 and 12 inches. It also creates a 4-inch tall collar around the shaft that makes it impossible for any horizontal movement to occur. With other products, horizontal movement can occur and is a key cause of damage to the filter.
  4. It’s held together by aluminum shafts that make the entire product lightweight, has a smooth finish and is also adjustable. Our competitors’ products are heavy, have a rough finish that leads to binding and do not have an adjustable length.
  5. Air Filter Blaster’s rotor is made of marine-grade ABS plastic, which is light and flexible, yet also durable. It’s also a safety feature because the rotor will fail in case it does touch the air filter. Rotors in other products are often made of metal, which will damage the filter if the two touch.

It’s time to start cleaning air filters with Filter Blaster

If you are ready to help your heavy equipment and machinery operate more effectively and efficiently, then it’s time to start cleaning your air filters. Use our Filter Blaster products for safe and superior results.

Browse our products and order online today.