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  1. Regulated Low Pressure
    • Ensures safe filter cleaning
  2. Directional Air Jackets
    • Air Flow is directed where the dirt is, in the filter • Effective cleaning • Efficient cleaning • Cleans whole filter, top to bottom
  3. Tall Lid with Multiple Edges
    Ensures centering of AFB on ALL filters 3½–12" • Creates 4" tall collar around shaft to eliminate horizontal movement • User CAN’T accidentally strike inside of filter causing damage
  4. Screwed Together Aluminum Shafts
    LightweightAdjustable Length • Smooth Finish
  5. Marine Grade ABS Plastic for Rotor Construction
    LightweightRugged yet flexible • If user does strike inside of filter, rotor will fail before damaging the filter

Technologically designed for efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

AFB Parts


  1. High Pressure with No Regulation
    • May damage the filter
  2. Air Jackets Angled Backwards ONLY
    • Air flow used for spinning, not cleaning • Less-effective cleaning • Very inefficientOnly cleans horizontally; dirt left at top & bottom
  3. Short/Flat Lid with Minimal Edges
    • Will not ensure the unit is centered on most filters • Shallow collar, about 1.5" deep • Binding & damage due to excessive horizontal movement
  4. Single Galvanized Shaft
    HeavyLimited-lengthLess-versatileBinding due to surface roughness
  5. All Metal Rotor Construction
    HeavyDamaging to the filter if it strikes it

Less-technologically designed, cheaply made, unsafe and inefficient.

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