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Air Filter Blaster is a new patented method for air filter cleaning that dramatically reduces air filter replacement and fuel usage on motorized equipment. The technology has been proven in extensive field trials.

The system requires no expensive add-ons or external devices - it requires only a simple source of compressed air. Ports within the Air Filter Blaster's centrifugal forced air induction chamber create a shaft rotation that uniformly vibrates and discards dirt and particles from the inside of the air filter outwards. Although the process is simple and direct, cost savings for a single application upon even small sets of equipment may well pay back the acquisition cost in a single application!

By reducing fuel usage, filter replacements and landfill charges, Air Filter Blaster generates significant ongoing cost savings while helping your company
achieve green fleet goals. Learn more >



"Before I had Air Filter Blaster, I would have to replace my filters more often. Since Air Filter Blaster, I have been able to reuse my filters and have saved loads of money." WALTER McCOY, FARMER

"I have tried using other filter cleaners in the past, but they either did a horrible job or put holes in my filters. Air Filter Blaster is by far the best product I have ever used for cleaning filters and is the only product I would recommend." MIKE PETERSON, MECHANIC

"Since I started using Air Filter Blaster, I have saved my clients money on filter replacements. My clients have also said they have saved on the amount of fuel that they use. I have recommended this to everyone I know." ALLAN MILLER, SHOP OWNER

Featured on Editions TV with Terry Bradshaw