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Will it hurt my Filter?

No, the distribution of air only allows a maximum of approximately 48 psi to come out of any one air jacket in the Filter Blaster.

The filter guy says not to clean my filter! Why is the Filter Blaster different?

The Filter manufactures say don't clean your own filters because they know that the average consumer is using 125 to 150 psi directly out of the air compressor. This high of pressure coming out of a single nozzle can and will tear the filter element, therefore allowing dirt particles to go directly into your engine as well as your Turbo charger.( Dirt particles are also accumulated into the filter by using this method) Also going directly into your intake. The sealing of the filter element is one of the greatest benefits of using the Filter blaster product. It prevents particles from entering the filter element!

How many times can I clean my filter out with the Filter blaster?

Salmon River Innovations has tested just about every canister filter on the market and has deliberately clogged them and then cleaned them using the Filter Blaster and out of 100s of filters and cleaning them 60 times we had not one tear or damage to the filter elements. We also try and detour anyone from using starting fluid(Starting fluid /either deteriorates the filter element causing it to become brittle) The Filter Blaster is the best and most efficient way ever invented to clean your air filters, so as long as you always inspect your filter before re installation you can get as many as twenty times the life out of the same filter.

How much fuel can I save by using the Filter Blaster?

The bigger the equipment the greater the savings. Some large combines will consume an additional three to five gallons an HOUR more fuel if the air filter is 50 to 75% clogged. In the course of a twelve hour day that comes to 60 gallons of fuel. At $4.00 per gallon that comes to $240.00 out of the farmers pocket for the day. If he had to buy a new filter as well that would bring the cost of the day well over $300 for the day.

What air pressure do I need to operate the Filter Blaster?

It only takes 100 PSI to run the Filter Blaster!