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Benefits Found Through Testing

Save money while "going green"

Annual savings of over $10,000 per vehicle can be realized using Air Filter Blaster technology. Based on our extensive field trials, here is one example of yearly fuel cost savings for a 725 Rock Truck (articulated 6X6 dump truck).

Less stress on the engine

  • Increases engine performance
  • Reduces costly engine maintenance
  • Increases engine life

Environmentally friendly "green" technology

  • Reduces oil consumption and dependence on foreign oil
  • Burns cleaner, creates less pollution
  • Requires fewer air filters - less environmental waste
  • Helps meet tougher government fuel efficiency standards

How our field tests were conducted:

The real-world field trials of Air Filter Blaster were done on an equipment suite of six vehicles. These six vehicles are:
  • 725 Rock Truck (Articulated 6X6 Dump Truck)
  • D9 Caterpillar Dozer
  • 966 Loader
  • 950 Loader
  • 330L Track Hoe
  • 225 Track Hoe
Tests were done over a ninety-day work environment (9-hours per day work shift). Individual operators on each specific machine remained constant over the test period. All measurements were done at the same dedicated job site with no switching of equipment (Test Site: Colorado, elevation 9,000 ft. from June through August). Metered air flow and fuel consumption were the primary variables monitored on-site.

Test results by Performance Service and Repair. Test performed by Rusty Schwinn of Performance Service and Repair.

Test 1

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  • When a filter is accompanied by moisture the dirt particles become more condensed thus making it even harder for the engine to breath.
  • When a filter is accompanied by moisture the dirt particles become more condensed thus making it even harder for the engine to breath.
  • One worked twelve hours on a sunny day and the other worked twelve hours in the rain.
  • When we pulled the two filters, the one with moisture it weighed 5 pounds more than the one that was without moisture.
  • After using the Filter Blaster on each filter the filters weight difference was only 1 lbs.
  • We then used the Filter Blaster for an additional two minutes on the moist filter and the result was the same weight between the two filters.
So I can safely say that the Filter Blaster device will reduce the moisture content within a filter by at least 25% with just 45 seconds of use.

Test 2

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  • Fuel Savings: Clean filter vs. Plugged filter:
  • We took two identical machines. John Deere 7750. Both produce right at 600 horse power.
  • We installed brand new filters
  • Ran the two tractors the exact 12 hour day doing the exact same job in the same field.
  • The following morning we cleaned out one of the filters with the Filter Blaster and got over 4.5 pounds of dirt out of the filter
  • The other we left in the machine.
  • At the end of the second day the one that did not have the filter cleaned out used 58 gallons more fuel than the one that did get cleaned with the Filter Blaster.
  • We then cleaned the filter we did not clean the day before and only got just over 5 pounds of dirt out of it.
Bottom line: Both filters were already mostly plugged after only one days use! The second filter couldn't handle any more dirt otherwise we would have gotten 8 pounds of dirt out of it not just 5!

Once again the bottom line is that the filters should be cleaned once a day!

Test 3

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  • I took one filter and cleaned it with the Filter Blaster several times a day for over a week (eight days) for a total of 29 times.
  • I put a florescent light inside of the filter and it was still in perfect shape.
I personally feel I can get far more than twenty times the life out of the same filter but I always check to make sure.