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Why you should clean your heavy equipment's air filters

Why you should clean your heavy equipment's air filters

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You know how important it is to keep your equipment running and performing at a high level. Better performance means a more productive work day.

To keep all your heavy equipment operating as desired, though, you need to focus on protecting one of the most important components of any piece of machinery: the engine. And taking care of your engine often starts with making sure the air filter is kept clean and working like new.

But before you go out and stock up on brand new air filters, you should consider properly cleaning your equipment's current air filters.

Read on to learn why you should clean your air filters.

Clean air filters save fuel and money

The bigger the equipment, the more fuel you're going to save with an air filter cleaner.

For example, some large combines will use three to five more gallons of fuel per hour if the air filter is 50 to 75 percent clogged. After 12 hours of laboring in the field, that works out to 60 gallons of fuel.

Now, let's say you spend $4 per gallon for fuel. Those extra gallons are going to cost $240.

Say the farmer then discovers his air filter problem and decides to purchase a new air filter instead of clean the combine's air filter. The extra cost has topped an additional $300 for the day.

That's no way to run a business (or a combine).

Over a year, you could see savings of $10,000 per vehicle when you use Air Filter Blaster technology. We've had tests conducted to back up that claim, too.

Air filter cleaners decrease engine stress

Why spend more money over time to replace air filters more often when an air filter cleaner can also work wonders on your engines?

With air filter cleaners, you will see:

  • Increased engine performance
  • Reduced engine maintenance
  • Increased engine life

Each of those benefits helps your bottom line. Protecting your equipment definitely pays off.

Air filter cleaners are a greener technology

Not only does cleaning your air filter make financial sense, but it also makes environmental sense.

Heavy equipment engines that are running better thanks to cleaner air filters are burning cleaner, consuming less oil, and sending less pollution into the air. Cleaner air filters help make sure equipment meets the tougher government fuel efficiency standards, too.

By using an air filter cleaner, you won't have to replace air filters nearly as often. That in turn creates much less environmental waste.

Filter Blaster won't hurt your filter

Let's address this for any naysayers out there. Filter manufacturers often recommend against cleaning air filters without using the right methods. That's because the average person is using an air pressure level (125 to 150 psi) that is way too high.

Air pressure that high out of a single nozzle could tear the filter element. Dirt particles are then able to enter your engine and turbocharger. This ill-advised cleaning method can also cause dirt to build up in the filter itself.

Filter Blaster's original and patented air filter cleaner technology makes it safe for you to clean the air filters in your equipment. When you use the Filter Blaster product, the filter element is sealed. This prevents particles from entering the filter element.

Why Filter Blaster is better

Our Filter Blaster has several features that make it the best option for cleaning air filters for construction or other types of diesel-operated heavy equipment.

Here's a quick overview of why Filter Blaster is your best bet:

Regulated low pressure

Our product's regulated low pressure makes sure you can safely clean air filters without worrying about causing damage. Some other versions either have high pressure or no air flow regulation at all.

Directional air jackets

Filter Blaster directs air flow toward dirt in the filter. This cleans the entire filter quickly from top to bottom. There are other products out there that use air flow for spinning, not cleaning, which means they can only clean horizontally. Dirt gets left behind.

Tall lid, multiple edges

With a tall lid that has multiple edges, Filter Blaster fits and is centered on all filters. It also creates a 4-inch tall collar around the air filter's shaft so there's no horizontal movement. This protects the inside of the air filter from accidentally being struck and damaged.

Other air filter cleaners don't come with the edges that make sure you've got a centered fit. They also don't have tall collars, which can cause binding and damage because of too much side-to-side movement.

Aluminum shafts that are screwed together

Filter Blaster some with aluminum shafts that are screwed together. This makes them lighter than our competitors', adjustable in length and gives them a smoother finish.

Other cleaners' shafts are often single galvanized shafts. In many cases, they're heavy, have a limited length and are less versatile.

Rotors constructed with marine-grade ABS plastic

Filter Blaster's rotors are built with marine-grade ABS plastic. This makes them lightweight, rugged and still flexible. It's also an added guard against accidentally harming the inside of the filter. The rotor will fail before damaging the filter if the user strikes the filter.

Other products have all-metal rotors. If the user accidentally hits the inside of the filter, then there's most likely going to be damage as a result.

Learn more about our Air Filter Blaster

With our Filter Blaster, you will significantly reduce the number of times you replace air filters in your heavy equipment. Thanks to the air filter cleaning technology, you will also see better fuel usage on all your machinery.

There are no add-ons or external products that you have to buy to make our product work for you and your vehicles. All you need is a compressed air source.

Use the Filter Blaster and, in no time, you will save money. Over time, even when used on a smaller fleets of equipment, the Filter Blaster will pay for itself thanks to all the cost savings.

Ready to order today? Order online or locate a dealer near you.

If you have questions about our product or its process, then please reach out. Call us at (855) 341-4677 or contact us online.