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Launch of the Rotor Disc Guards

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Well, the launching of the Rotor Disc Guards (RTG) has been a tremendous success! Customers that have been calling in or stopping by, love the new addition and are excited that we as a company took this on ourselves to make our Filter Blaster even better than it was. The whole idea behind the RDG is designed to build on the concept of safety first. The rotor heads we use for the Filter Blaster are extremely fragile by design because so are the diesel engine air filters that our customers are cleaning. We routinely have customers ask “why don’t you make them more durable?” The simple answer is, we could have certainly made the rotors our of cast aluminum or some other metal but then every time the operator would be cleaning his diesel engine air filter and even grazed the inside of the filter, the engine air filter would have been destroyed! By using the ABS plastic that we do, every aspect of the Filter Blaster is to clean diesel engine air filters safely, effectively and efficiently which is why we use low pressure constant motion and materials that will harm the engine air filter.

During the harvest that is in full swing right now, cleaning of the diesel engine air filters, cab filters and any other canister style air filter is a daily job for our farmers. While this is a daily chore, if not done safely, it can create downtime and potentially thousands of dollars of damage. Pulling your diesel engine air filters out and just banging them on the ground or grabbing the high pressure wand can be incredibly hard on an air filter and exactly why the manufacturers say cleaning an air filter will void warranties. Manufacturers are also in the business of selling air filters so the reality is, they don’t want you cleaning engine air filters every, no matter the method but if you are cleaning your filters now, take just a couple minutes and check out the Filter Blaster. The Filter Blaster will make your daily chore of cleaning those diesel engine air filters take incredibly less time, will do it better and the best and most important thing, safer!