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How to Protect Your Engine from Damage; Steps to Prolong Your Engine Life

How to Protect Your Engine from Damage; Steps to Prolong Your Engine Life

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We all know that heavy machinery engines are meant to run for long hours under high pressure. Gears must be constantly changed, and levers worked to shift the engine into optimum working functions. Engines, however, are meant to handle the pressures they are subjected to.

Still, overworking your engine will damage it, eventually causing an irreparable loss on your part. Follow these simple ways on how to protect your engine from damage and prolong its life:

Familiarize Yourself with Your Engines' Parts

Knowing how your engine works is an important step in taking care of it more responsibly. Knowing how the parts function and their relationship is vital in delivering optimum performance and functions.

For instance, the oil pump delivers the right amount of oil to the engine's parts. With the delivery of proper amounts of oil, there will be less heat produced and better wear protection. When you're familiar with parts, you can easily spot problems and make repairs on your engine.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Your engines need a fresh, clean air supply which is why air filters are put into place. These filters keep out the impurities, only allowing clean air to pass through. When these filters accumulate too much dirt and dust, they will eventually choke the engine of certain oxygen particles required for optimal working functions.

As a general rule, always replace your filter every three months or whenever you see it full of dirt or grime. These filers can be cleaned by rinsing them with water, but do not use strong solvents as this might cause damage instead of thoroughly cleaning up the filter's pores.

Look Out for Leaks

Identifying oil leaks on time can be easy because you will probably see puddles of oil on the ground. Leaks can go unnoticed at times, but they can often manifest as stains on garage floors. If your engine misfires regularly, then it might also be a sign that there are some engine oil leaks.

Identifying fuel leaks is more challenging than identifying engine oil leaks since fuel evaporates quickly and is not immediately visible. Continue to check the area regularly, especially if you notice any residue or odor near where your equipment was stationed overnight.

Don't Ignore Unusual Signs

If you notice any unusual sounds or smells that you think might be out of the ordinary for your engine, check with an expert before you operate it. It can save you a lot of time and money in the end to prevent further damage to something fixable or avoidable.

For instance, if your engine is making whirring sounds and you think this might result from excess friction, find a mechanic as soon as possible so they can take a closer look and give you professional advice.

For heavy machinery engines like tractors and bulldozers, repairs should be made ASAP before things worsen. Don't wait for major issues like overheating or cooling system leaks because those can cause extensive damage not just to other parts but also to components within an entire engine itself

Change the Oil Regularly

Good quality oil is at the apex of engine protection. It prolongs the life of a vehicle's engine by keeping it lubricated and cool at all times, so changing the oil regularly is a must to ensure the smooth working of the engine. Regular servicing also ensures that any minor issues are attended to as soon as they crop up, preventing further large problems from developing down the line. Check your engine's manual for specific recommendations regarding how much oil should be added for optimum results.

Clear Leaves and Debris from Around The Engine

Using a leaf blower before you start your engine up might be helpful because leaves can restrict airflow around an engine, causing it to overheat or fail altogether if they obstruct certain parts like an air intake or ventilation openings. You should also check other debris and remove them before they find their way into your engine.

Don't Wait to Load Up on Fuel

Operating on low fuel levels can cause an engine to misfire, which will increase the amount of stress on it. If you have a long operation ahead, then load up with as much fuel as you think you will need; it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Remember that a significant amount of sediment can accumulate at the bottom of your fuel tank over time. This means that you might have less fuel than you think. If you don't want to make the mistake of running out, load up the fuel adequately.

Have Adequate Coolant Circulating

Keeping your engine cool is essential for its longevity. To accomplish this, you need to have adequate amounts of coolant circulating through your engine. If the temperature gauge shows that the engine is heating up, there might be an issue with the cooling system or other factors. It would be best to bring it in for repairs as soon as possible before things get worse.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Whether you're operating a tractor or a prime mover, low tire pressure forces engines to work harder to propel your vehicle. It will also increase the risk of something happening on the road. Stop by regularly for regular tire pressure checks, or you can invest in a tire pressure gauge with an alarm alerting you when it's time to check up on your tire pressure.

Find High-Quality Accessories for Your Engine

Don't underestimate the quality of your engine's accessories for longevity. If you need to replace any accessories, make sure you buy anything you need from a reputable dealer. When it comes to large diesel equipment, look no further than Filter Blaster for original, patented engine air filter technology that can extend the life of your engine and increase fuel efficiency.

We know that your diesel engine is an essential part of your business. You spend countless hours ensuring that every single component functions at the highest level, and we appreciate that. That's why we want you to have the best possible experience when it comes to engine accessories. Never compromise quality over price when it comes to important components like air filters again with our team by your side.