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Engine Noises and Other Air Filter Issues with Solutions

Engine Noises and Other Air Filter Issues with Solutions

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A good air filter is indispensable when it comes to optimal car performance. With proper installation and regular cleaning, an air filter can enhance the fuel economy of our diesel engine. It also lowers emissions that can harm the environment, boost acceleration, and even extend engine life.

It can be easy to overlook this part of a vehicle. But there is no doubt that an air filter needs some attention. To this end, an air filter cleaner is necessary for anyone who drives, owns, or works on vehicles with a diesel engine.

The Role of an Air Filter

For an internal combustion engine to work correctly, it has to mix every liter of diesel fuel with around 10,000 liters of air. The air filter is where the necessary air gets into the engine. If the air intake is not enough, we get a fuel mixture that is way too concentrated and rich. As a result, it will not burn as needed. The engine of the vehicle wouldn't get the oxygen it requires to operate correctly.

One of the main reasons why an air filter may not let in enough air is because it’s too choked with debris and other elements. This is why it’s essential to invest in a good air filter cleaner.

When Is It Time to Clean the Air Filter?

Using a quality air filter and air filter cleaner is necessary. But when is it time to start cleaning? Having effective air filters is part of maintaining a diesel engine. So, you should look out for the following signs:

Weird Engine Noises

If your vehicle or any other diesel-run equipment is just idling with the engine turned on, you should ideally only hear and experience smooth vibrations. This is a sign that the engine is running efficiently. However, weird noises such as popping, spitting, or coughing usually indicate that proper airflow is not entering the engine. This could be the time to use a quality air filter cleaner. If you want to maintain your diesel engine correctly, investing in an air filter cleaner is a must.

The main reason for such noises is that the air filter has accumulated a lot of dirt, which is clogging up the space where the air comes in. As a result, the fuel mixture inside gets too thick and causes a residue of black soot to cover the machinery's spark plugs. With this coating, the spark plugs are not able to fire properly and give off strange noises.

This dirt and residue can also result in issues when starting the machinery; you may find it difficult to start it up and keep it going for too long. A quality air filter cleaner should open up the clogged areas and restore the airflow, decreasing these issues to a large extent.

Exhaust Flames or Black Smoke

When the air supply in a diesel engine isn’t enough, it means that the fuel mixture won’t be burned enough before entering the exhaust. As a result, it will have a resume that looks like black smoke. The exhaust may also have enough heat to ignite the thick fuel, resulting in flames, popping sounds, and other issues.

Exhaust Smells of Petrol

If there’s a smell of petrol when starting the machinery/vehicle, it’s a sign of low air levels in the fuel injection system. The excess fuel will then go through to the exhaust pipe. Replacing or cleaning the air filter should make this warning smell go away.

Declining Performance

When you operate heavy machinery, especially in the farming and construction industry, it’s natural to expect the most profitable results. A dirty air filter could prevent that from happening. So, you should either clean or replace it to enhance the machinery’s output.

The Check Engine Light

If the ‘check engine’ light turns on, this could signal a lot of carbon deposits in the diesel engine. If this happens, you should check out the air filter and see if it requires cleaning or replacing.

Low Fuel Economy

When heavy machinery keeps eating up the diesel fuel quickly, it’s a sign that the air filter is either dirty or not performing well. With less oxygen in the fuel, the engine will consume more of the mixture to move at the same speed as before. By regularly using an air filter cleaner, you can increase fuel efficiency.

A Dirty Air Filter

We should make it a habit to check air filters regularly. If it’s off-white or white, it’s brand new. The color will darken with time and the collection of dust, dirt, etc. You can inspect the air filter using a bright light to see the dirt and determine whether it’s time for a cleaning.

When Should You Replace the Air Filter in a Vehicle?

Most diesel-run vehicle manufacturers recommend completely replacing an air filter after 12 months or after you’ve driven the vehicle for at least 12,000 miles. When you’re in an agricultural area, you should keep in mind that there’s more pollen, dust, dirt, and other debris in the air. The same goes for any place that is dusty or prone to high air pollution. These factors will clog up the air filter more quickly than in areas with relatively cleaner air.

While you may also use an air filter cleaner more frequently in such areas, it may be necessary to replace the air filter before the standard time or miles driven. It’s important to remember this precaution if you drive a tractor or other kinds of heavy machinery for farming and construction.

The Takeaway

With a high-quality air filter cleaner, it will be easier to increase the performance of your heavy machinery that runs on diesel fuel. This is why you must develop the habit of regularly cleaning and maintaining your diesel engines, especially when it comes to the air filters.

Regular attention to the air filter will also maximize fuel efficiency, thereby saving you money and hassle. Air Filter Blaster products are among the best options for ensuring that your diesel engines operate at an optimal level for the long run.