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Diesel Generators: Different Applications in The Modern World

A diesel generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Diesel generators are a source of on-demand power. Used in both residential and commercial areas, these machines can supply energy whenever there is a need for it. There are many ways diesel generators can be utilized and applied in different industries.Off-Grid Living With [...]

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Best Practices to Ensure Excavator Safety

Excavators are a fantastic piece of machinery. They can do all kinds of things, from digging to grading and so much more. But there is always a risk involved in using any equipment, no matter how simple it may seem at first glance. From crushing and striking incidents to overturning, excavator accidents can be a little [...]

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Buying a used Generator: Things to Consider

Find out some of the things you should consider when buying a used generator and tips on spotting quality generators at garage sales and auctions. Whether you are looking for a generator to power your home during an emergency or to use on the job site, buying a used generator is usually much cheaper than purchasing [...]

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How to Protect Your Engine from Damage; Steps to Prolong Your Engine Life

We all know that heavy machinery engines are meant to run for long hours under high pressure. Gears must be constantly changed, and levers worked to shift the engine into optimum working functions. Engines, however, are meant to handle the pressures they are subjected to. Still, overworking your engine will damage it, eventually causing an irreparable [...]

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6 Dangers of a Clogged Air Filter to your Vehicle’s Engine

An air filter can make a significant difference to your vehicle engine’s performance. A clean and properly installed air filter improves fuel economy, prolongs the engine’s life, boosts acceleration, and lowers the emission of harmful gases. These are impressive benefits of an engine component that are often overlooked. Your internal combustion engine should mix about 10,000 [...]

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How to Clean Diesel Engine Air Filters for Maximum Efficiency

Cleaning diesel engine air filters can be a time-consuming, messy task. Make sure your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency with these tips. Diesel air filters are a necessary component of any heavy equipment. However, air filters can quickly become clogged and dirty, which means it's time to clean them! When air filter efficiency is reduced, [...]

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5 things to check when picking an air filter cleaner

What would you say if someone promised you an air filter cleaner that could potentially save you money by allowing you to save on fuel, reduce turbo damage to your charger and reduce damage to your engine? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, with the right air filter cleaner, it is very possible. Unfortunately, not all air [...]

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5 Tips to Improve Fuel Consumption in Heavy Diesel Engines

Fuel consumption is an essential part of the proper function of your engine. However, you need to be concerned if you notice an increase in its consumption. Sometimes it is easy to isolate and point out the culprit. Your engine has a moving piston and a fixed cylinder to burn fuel, and you need fuel, [...]

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A Clean Air Filter is Key to a Clean Diesel Engine

Changing or cleaning your engine's air filter can improve its efficiency and prolong its life. The main purpose of an air filter is to deliver about 10,000 gallons of purified air to the engine for each gallon of gas burned to enter your vehicle's engine. While it's only a small component among the long list [...]

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6 Diesel Maintenance Tips to Prolong the Life of your Engine

Purchasing a motor vehicle is one thing, but maintaining its diesel engine is an entirely different story. Specialized care is needed no matter the type of motor vehicle you buy, be it a truck or a car, you name it – it needs maintenance. One thing to keep in mind is that gasoline and diesel [...]

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