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5 things to check when picking an air filter cleaner

5 things to check when picking an air filter cleaner

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What would you say if someone promised you an air filter cleaner that could potentially save you money by allowing you to save on fuel, reduce turbo damage to your charger and reduce damage to your engine? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, with the right air filter cleaner, it is very possible. Unfortunately, not all air filter cleaners work the same, so this article will look at five things to consider when picking one to get the best results every time.

1. Rotor construction

A rotor is designed to provide pulsating air to your filter to help clean it. You want your rotor to be light as opposed to heavyweight. This is because if your rotor fails and it is heavy, it could potentially damage your air filter. Damage to your air filter could lead to damage to the internal engine valves and your turbocharger as air particles could go directly into them. Because rotors do fail sometimes, you want to be sure that the material the rotor is made of will cause minimal damage to your air filter when it happens.

Finally, you want to invest in an air filter cleaner that can be equipped with different size rotors. This is because canister filters come in different diameters, and you want one that will fit well into different canisters.

2. The make of the shaft

You move the shaft up and down in the air chamber created by the filter to blast air to the different levels of the air filter, ensuring a thorough cleaning. Some air filter shafts can be heavy, relatively limited in length, made of the wrong material, and relatively rough, affecting the function of the air filter. Let’s see how each of these factors affects the overall function.

a. A heavy shaft will make it harder to lift as you try to get the air jackets to blow dust out of the air filter. Check that the air shaft is relatively lightweight.

b. A short shaft will only serve canister filters that are short. If you have a longer shaft, you will be able to use the same air filter cleaner to clean canister filters of different lengths with the same tool to save you money.

c. A shaft that is made of the wrong material could be prone to rust and corrosion. Find a shaft that is made of more corrosion-resistant material.

d. A rough shaft will make the lifting and dropping of the rotor as you clean the filter canister difficult, while a smooth shaft will help you complete the work quickly and efficiently.

3. The shape and size of the lid

The lid is an important part of the air filter cleaner as it helps create a chamber in which the pressurized air will be blasted. You want an air filter cleaner with a lightweight lid but that also has multiple edges. These edges help you center the air filter cleaner on the canister filter. Lack of centering can cause the lid to have horizontal movements, which can cause damage to the air filter walls. You also want the collars of the lids to be relatively long to ensure a firmer grip of the air filter cleaner’s lid on the air filter canister.

4. Air pressure

You want the air filter cleaner to regulate the pressure of air that is being blown through the air jackets into the air filter. If the pressure is too high, you risk damaging the filter, and if it is too low, you may not clean the air filter effectively enough.

5. Movement of air in air jackets

The air jackets direct pressurized air into the air filter canister to aid the cleaning. You want to avoid having your air movement in one direction as you risk not cleaning the air filter effectively. One easy way to help the air clean all parts of the air filter canister effectively is to have the air jackets on the rotor arranged ruggedly. This means that they will clean in an up and down direction as well as the horizontal direction.

Make sure that the air jackets are rotating 360° to ensure that the whole air filter canister is cleaned.

Benefits of a high-quality air filter cleaner

  1. A bad or dirty air filter can increase your fuel costs significantly. - This is because a clogged filter makes your engine work harder and consequently increasing its fuel consumption. By regularly cleaning out your engine’s air filter, you can make significant cost savings in fuel consumption.
  2. Save on costly engine maintenance - When you use a bad air filter cleaner, you can easily damage the air filter canister of your engine. This means that particles could easily get into your engine and engine valves and cause damage. Having an effective air filter cleaner prevents this.
  3. Increase your engine performance - A bad/dirty air filter makes your engine work very hard to serve you. When you clean out the air filter, you stand to increase your engine performance as your engine load is reduced.
  4. Take it with you anywhere - If you find a lightweight, durable, high-quality air filter cleaner, you can carry it with you anywhere. This means that you can take out your air filter canister and clean it as soon as you notice that your engine is working too hard so you can maintain the same level of performance all the time.
  5. Increase air filter life - A high-quality air filter cleaner could clean out your air filter canister over 50 times. This means that you will be able to use the same filter for a long time without compromising your engine performance.

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