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How heavy equipment safety and best practices lead to better performance

Heavy machinery and construction vehicles may seem intimidating to operate, but with the proper safety measures and knowledge of diesel engine mechanics, anyone can use them safely and efficiently. This article provides essential tips and best practices for operating construction and farming heavy equipment with diesel engines.Introduction to diesel engines and heavy equipment Diesel engines are [...]

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Preventative maintenance steps that keep heavy equipment diesel engines operating at peak efficiency

Heavy construction and farm equipment are the backbone of many large-scale projects. Still, they require proper maintenance to keep them running at peak efficiency and power. Without regular maintenance, diesel engines can become clogged with dirt and debris, reducing their performance. To ensure your diesel engine is running smoothly and efficiently, you need to regularly clean [...]

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How can construction and other heavy equipment operators save on maintenance costs?

Heavy equipment operators understand the importance of maintenance – and the costs associated with it. But what if there was a way to reduce those costs while still ensuring that your heavy equipment is running optimally? There is a way: Cleaning diesel engine air filters in your heavy equipment. This practice can help save on [...]

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Minimize dust to protect construction crews and equipment

Dirt and dust minimization is always a priority on any construction worksite where heavy equipment operates. However, come summer, when the weather can often be dryer and precipitation harder to come by, it becomes an even higher priority. Without proper mitigation and control strategies, dirt and dust can become out of control – and can cause issues [...]

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How better trained heavy equipment operators boost your business

Heavy machinery requires significant training and experience to operate at a high level. On the construction site or in the field at the farm, there are many different types of heavy equipment that require varying levels of skill and simply time spent in the drivers’ seat to become adept at operating. For owners or managers of [...]

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Signs your heavy equipment diesel engine is being overworked or about to fail

Heavy equipment diesel engines get put through the wringer. Even when being operated correctly, the tasks and trials these construction, farming and other heavy industry machinery are expected to put up with can wear down even the hardiest equipment. While there surely are best practices and definite ways not to operate machinery, even the most [...]

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Clean or replace heavy equipment air filters – which is best?

Owners and operators of heavy equipment constantly need to get the most out of their machinery. Whether it’s on the farm or construction site, keeping equipment running efficiently can have a significant impact on the bottom line. One of the ways heavy equipment owners can improve machinery performance is to make sure the air filters [...]

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What is the best way heavy equipment operators and owners can conserve fuel?

Smart business owners, whether they are leading construction companies or operating a farm, know how important it is to be mindful of margins and save money whenever possible to protect profits or come in under or at budget. As operators and owners of large equipment, fuel costs are among the most important to control. Unfortunately, [...]

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Why diesel fuel gels and how to prevent gelling

For many operators of heavy equipment and farm machinery, diesel drives their operations at the construction site and in the field. While these large machines come with their own upkeep and maintenance needs, winter adds another variable into the mix because of the fuel the equipment uses. That’s right, diesel and cold weather aren’t the [...]

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Why fleet managers must winterize heavy construction equipment

Routine maintenance and preventative care can often be the difference between a smooth day on the job site and a disastrous, hours-long stint in the repair shop for heavy equipment. Once winter rolls around, the colder temperatures can create even more problematic conditions that put heavy construction equipment and machinery through the wringer. In these [...]

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